Schools’ Visits

What do I do in Primary Schools?

I work with full classes from Foundation through to Y6.  All my workshops consist of fully interactive circle-work.  With KS1, I use a variety of props (including a rainbow and a ghost . . . ) connected with one of my picture books, encouraging the children to use their imagination and put it into words.  Older children – some of my published work is aimed at KS2  –  are helped to generate stories from an initial idea, developing the narrative through rôle-play and other drama-techniques.  The emphasis on oral story-telling and use of kinaesthetic techniques frees children from the technical aspects of writing and from the requirements of the curriculum, whilst building skills which can be incorporated into both those areas.

As an English teacher of long-standing, I’m well-used to working with children of all ages,  and I’m able to adapt to the needs of all abilities. I’m currently Author-in-Residence at a number of primary schools, working with each class two or three times a year.  After six years in one school, I’ve seen the children’s confidence and ability to take on the ‘voice of the story-teller’ grow wonderfully.

I’m equally happy to come into schools on a one-off basis for a day consisting of three workshops, each one lasting around an hour, to classes of your choice.  On request, I will also tell a story to the whole school as part of an assembly, or work with a special group such as the More Able and Talented.

I’m based in the East Midlands and  will visit any school to which I can reasonably travel in a day.  For current prices (based on Society of Author suggested rates) please contact me through the ‘Contact Me’ page.  A discount applies if you book more than one day with me in any school year.